We get I.T. done right ™

Cloud Connectiv provides global and strategic IT leadership and assistance streamlining your IT operations enabling our clients to focus on their core businesses.


Maximizing Business Potential

Cloud Connectiv provides value to every client by efficiently delivering solutions and projects on time and within budget.Cloud Connectiv’s scope of services include include; core infrastructure management, deployment, refresh, and hardware life cycle management. Cloud Connectiv also offers Network Operations Centers, managed cloud and infrastructure, DDOS services, data center and colocation services, including 24×7 Network Operations Center, infrastructure design / support, business continuity and disaster recovery services along with expert IT implementation and consulting services.

If you’re struggling to scale and secure your infrastructure and data in the cloud, you’re not alone. A recent survey of 1,000 companies using the cloud showed that a “lack of expertise and resources” was a major hurdle. Our in-house cloud and infrastructure expertshave successfully completed hundreds of recent colocation, hybrid cloud, and data center network infrastructure buildouts. Cloud Connectiv does not believe in learning on your time. When you hire Cloud Connectiv for a project, you are engaging with industry leading experts.Cloud Connectiv serves active clients located around the world operating their critical IT networks and systems..

Cloud Connectiv’s 100% focus on Network Infrastructure and Managed IT Infrrastructure Services provides exceptional value and improves our clients businesses, not just their IT environment. We truly do “Get I.T. done right”™.


1 Scalability
Did your computing needs shoot up overnight? Or did they drop drastically during your slow season? Instead of having to hire — or fire — new staff or purchase more equipment to handle it yourself, you can just make a call to your colocation provider and scale your service up or down as needed.

2 Connectivity
Colocation providers keep your servers in climate-controlled data centers, with high bandwidth speeds, and excellent redundancy for network connections. You won’t have to pay the costs to purchase and maintain this kind of IT infrastructure in your own offices, and your internal IT staff can focus on other business operations.

3 Security
Quality colocation providers house your servers in secure data centers, with security measures that include biometric scanners, closed circuit cameras, on-site security, coded access, alarm systems, and more. And with colocation, you

don’t have to hire or purchase any of these security measures yourself — it’s all included in your service plan.

4 Stability
If you have to move offices, or are hit with a power outage, or suffer a natural disaster, you won’t have to worry about your data or services going down. A colocation provider will have multiple backup generators and contingencies in place to ensure that there is never an interruption in service, for you, or for your customers.

5 Predictability
Not only does using a colocation provider often save money, but it also turns unpredictable capital outlays into predictable monthly expenses.  You only pay for your own equipment, not a whole datacenter.  Your company will be able to budget for IT needs and allocate existing resources more efficiently.