In the highly digital world, consumers are becoming increasingly connected. The convergence of network devices and content is the key. Telecommunications service providers need to focus on finding and retaining the digital consumers while focusing on driving growth and cost savings to stay viable. Cloud Connectiv acts as a single point of contact to provide you with a solution (or choice of solutions) to your communication and carrier needs that simplify and streamline a complex—and crucial—business decision. Our sales partners are independent businesspeople with total accountability for your satisfaction and can guide your decisions in choosing, maintaining, and upgrading your tools and services, saving your company time, resources, and money.

Maximizing Business Potential

Global telecommunications industry is becoming highly competitive.Our insider expertise means that we are up-to-date on new innovations and can find the best supplier at the most cost-effective rate—so you don’t have to deal with paperwork, forms, and time-consuming research on your own.
These unprecedented changes from both market and technology advancements is forcing the telecommunication service providers to keep up with innovation. To sustain and thrive in this market, companies cannot avoid these changes.
With its sharp focus on customer centricity, CLOUD CONNECTIV takes responsibility for the quality and efficiency of your networks and processes allowing you to concentrate on new service offerings and expansion of your customer base. We provide an array of managed services in telecom that help you serve your customers better and stay competitive in the market Our competitive business model and ability to drive operational excellence with proactive maintenance will help you enhance your customer’s experience by ensuring the availability of networks and quality of your services.


Connected Globally, Quickly, Securely

When it comes to connectivity, colocation means a business is connected globally, quickly and securely. We find that many companies with onsite server rooms often do not have onsite access to a resilient Internet connection, nor do they have dedicated personnel monitoring traffic flow to ensure they always remain on.

Colocation enables organizations to benefit from faster networking and resilient connectivity at a fairly low price – delivering 100 mbps of bandwidth might be hard at an office location and trying to create a redundant solution is often financially unviable. Data centers are connected to multiple transit providers and also have large bandwidth pipes meaning that businesses often benefit from a better service for less cost.

Value Delivered

Enhance focus on the core business
• If network service providers are not a core competency of a company, why invest substantial sums to build and maintain this capability? Concentrate instead on applications that support the business focus of the firm.
Lower risk
• Increasingly, risk minimization is a driving business strategy. Service-level agreements offered by most outsourcing companies keep cost risk at bay. Security services keep downtime and lost productivity risks to a minimum and mitigate the chances of liability due to the compromise of client or corporate data.
Higher Network Availability
• Many early signs of instability are often ignored because they deal with end-user complaints rather than true operations. Yet, rising numbers of calls about initial problems being reported should not be taken lightly. Often, they are indicators of more troublesome underlying problems.
Meet regulatory compliance requirements
• If an industry comes under the purview of new, expansive regulatory compliance requirements, the demands of meeting new certifications can be overwhelming. Rather than maintaining a well-run network, operators will find themselves drawn into deciphering the implications of often vaguely worded regulations. For example, industries ranging from finance and credit to medical services are racing to catch up with the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
Reorganization changes
• Intra-organizational changes–like re-engineering efforts or whole-scale reorganizations–can have profound effects on network operations even though these may not be immediately apparent. Extra-organizational changes like acquiring and integrating new firms into a single coherent and efficient organization also can put enormous demands on network operations.
Reduce TCO
• Outsourcing results in predictable monthly costs, usually on a per-device basis, rather than month-to-month fluctuations driven by demand. Eliminating a network operations center (NOC) or avoiding the cost of building an internal NOC capability can provide immediate and substantial cost savings.
Resource segregation
• Once the day-to-day network services are outsourced, internal staff are free to concentrate on strategic company projects, rather than reactive infrastructure and telecom management and deployment activities.

Service Offerings

To support telecom service providers, Cloud Connectiv’s capabilities span the complete spectrum:

1 Scalability
Did your computing needs shoot up overnight? Or did they drop drastically during your slow season? Instead of having to hire — or fire — new staff or purchase more equipment to handle it yourself, you can just make a call to your colocation provider and scale your service up or down as needed.

2 Connectivity
Colocation providers keep your servers in climate-controlled data centers, with high bandwidth speeds, and excellent redundancy for network connections. You won’t have to pay the costs to purchase and maintain this kind of IT infrastructure in your own offices, and your internal IT staff can focus on other business operations.

3 Security
Quality colocation providers house your servers in secure data centers, with security measures that include biometric scanners, closed circuit cameras, on-site security, coded access, alarm systems, and more. And with colocation, you

don’t have to hire or purchase any of these security measures yourself — it’s all included in your service plan.

4 Stability
If you have to move offices, or are hit with a power outage, or suffer a natural disaster, you won’t have to worry about your data or services going down. A colocation provider will have multiple backup generators and contingencies in place to ensure that there is never an interruption in service, for you, or for your customers.

5 Predictability
Not only does using a colocation provider often save money, but it also turns unpredictable capital outlays into predictable monthly expenses.  You only pay for your own equipment, not a whole datacenter.  Your company will be able to budget for IT needs and allocate existing resources more efficiently.