Today’s complex IT environments require current, Next-Generation Firewalls. Most employees spend much of their day accessing the Internet, sending and receiving emails, and accessing cloud based applications, the Internet and emails both frequently contain malicious Web links that harbor malicious code, allowing others to access your data. Firewalls are the first line of defense against these threats and properly managed firewalls protect better.Cloud Connectiv’s Managed Next-Generation Firewall Solution provides the “all-in-one” security appliance and expertise you need to protect your networks and data. We provide three essential security capabilities, all in one tightly managed appliance:
• Enterprise-grade, Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)
• Best-in-class Network Intrusion Prevention (IPS)
• Easy-to-use, site-to-site & client-to-site, VPN capability

Maximizing Business Potential

Cloud Connectiv utilizes market leading, Next-Generation Firewall technology from the Cisco ASA 5500X security appliance line, the gold standard in Next-Generation Firewalls. Managed by experts, this Next-Generation Firewall technology allows Cloud Connectiv to provide advanced capabilities in:
• User Awareness: The ability to see network activity based on user identity and make user-specific policy decisions.
• Application Visibility: In diverse & distributed network environments, Cloud Connectiv can enforce granular policy decisions based on the specific applications and micro-apps utilized. Whether you need us to deploy a new, turn-key, firewall or to manage a pre-existing firewall infrastructure, Cloud Connectiv’s Managed Security team can help.

Next Generation Firewall Options

• Scalable Solutions – Cloud Connectiv’s solutions are designed to meet the needs of SMB up through the large enterprise.

Managed Firewall Appliance Throughput1 Ports
Cisco ASA 5506-X 300 Mbps 8
Cisco ASA 5506W-X 300 Mbps 8
Cisco ASA 5506H-X 300 Mbps 4
Cisco ASA 5508-X 400 Mbps 8
Cisco ASA 5512-X 500 Mbps 6
Cisco ASA 5515-X 600 Mbps 6
Cisco ASA 5516-X 800 Mbps 8
Cisco ASA 5525-X 1 Gbps 8
Cisco ASA 5545-X 1.5 Gbps 8
Cisco ASA 5555-X 2 Gbps 8
Cisco ASA 5585-X / SSP10 2 Gbps 8/22
Cisco ASA 5585-X / SSP20 5 Gbps 8/22
Cisco ASA 5585-X / SSP40 10 Gbps 6/42
Cisco ASA 5585-X / SSP60 20 Gbps 6/42

1 Throughput with multiple security features enabled.
2 Qty of Gig Interfaces / Qty of 10 Gig Interfaces.
• A La Carte Security – With Cloud Connectiv’s Managed Next-Generation Firewall Solution, you choose what protection you need. Depending on your needs, you can select a solution that provides firewall only, IPS only, VPN only, or all three.
• High Availability – When your network has to be up, highly available firewalls are a must. Cloud Connectiv provides the uptime assurances you need so that the work continues, even when your primary firewall fails.


Managed Firewall Key Features

• 24×7×365 Protection & Response – Our security solutions are designed to provide around-the-clock protection. Cloud Connectiv’s team of managed security professionals respond to security incidents whenever they occur, so you don’t have to.
• Best-in-Class Next Generation Technology – We’ve built our managed Next-Generation Firewall solutions on market-leading security technology from Cisco, so you know it’s solid.
• Best-in-Class Expertise – Even the best technology is insecure if not configured and constantly maintained by credentialed security experts. At Cloud Connectiv, our managed security professionals come from a wide range of IT backgrounds, holding various security certifications that include CISSP, GIAC Certified Incident Analyst (GCIA), Security+, and more.
• Standardized Monthly Reporting – In-depth monthly reports provide key insight into what’s happening in your environment. Easy to read charts and graphs provide a snapshot of malicious activity, as well as the proactive steps Cloud Connectiv has taken to better protect you.
• Cloud Connectiv Client Portal Access – The Cloud Connectiv Client Portal provides access to IPS event logs, monthly reports, secure messages related to ongoing security events, and more.

Next Generation Firewall Benefits

• Protects Your Data – Based on market leading firewall technology and best practice security management processes, anCloud Connectiv Managed Next-Generation Firewall Solution provides unsurpassed protection you can count on.
• Protects Your Reputation – Security breaches happen every day and can cause embarrassment, downtime, and harm to your company’s reputation. A Managed Next-Generation Firewall Solution dramatically increases your firm’s security posture, helping you maintain the confidence of your customers and partners.
• Satisfies Regulatory Compliance – Having the proper firewall, IPS, and VPN technology in place is key to obtaining & maintaining compliance for many regulatory & compliance targets such as PCI/DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, GLBA, SOX, NERC CIP, FISMA, FERPA, FedRAMP, and more.
• Frees Up IT Resources – Given that most firms are understaffed, security can often be the first thing to suffer. Cloud Connectiv’s Managed Next-Generation Firewall Solution puts the burden of properly managing your firewall solution in the hands of our credentialed security experts. Your team can then focus on tasks more strategic to your organization.
• Lowers IT Cost – A robust next generation firewall facility in your organization requires more than just technology – it requires certified security engineers and 7×24 security event monitoring. Cloud Connectiv’s Managed Next-Generation Firewall Solution helps drive your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) lower by providing the expertise, the 7×24 coverage, and the best-in-class Next-Generation Firewall technology for a simple monthly operational expense.

Location, Location, Location

Choosing a colocation provider away from a city or data center hub with optimal connectivity options – both to the capital, Europe and further afield – means having the advantages of all central data centers with the added benefits of having attractive power capabilities and the security of being away from centrally targeted terrorist activity. Out-of-town colocation providers allow businesses to take full advantage of the capital’s infrastructure without the premium costs associated with it.

A colocation solution provides companies with a variety of opportunities, with exceptional SLAs and having data secured off-site, providing organizations with added levels of risk management and the chance to invest in better equipment and state-of-the-art servers. This can enable IT teams the possibility to explore options such as virtualization and condense the amount of racks and servers required.
Colocation providers are able to meet business requirements at a lower cost than if the service was kept in-house. Data centers and colocation providers have the ability to have businesses up and running within hours, as well as provide the flexibility to grow alongside your organization. Colocation space, power, bandwidth and connection speeds can all be increased where required to ensure that all sizes of colocation clients can be catered to.


1 Scalability
Did your computing needs shoot up overnight? Or did they drop drastically during your slow season? Instead of having to hire — or fire — new staff or purchase more equipment to handle it yourself, you can just make a call to your colocation provider and scale your service up or down as needed.

2 Connectivity
Colocation providers keep your servers in climate-controlled data centers, with high bandwidth speeds, and excellent redundancy for network connections. You won’t have to pay the costs to purchase and maintain this kind of IT infrastructure in your own offices, and your internal IT staff can focus on other business operations.

3 Security
Quality colocation providers house your servers in secure data centers, with security measures that include biometric scanners, closed circuit cameras, on-site security, coded access, alarm systems, and more. And with colocation, you

don’t have to hire or purchase any of these security measures yourself — it’s all included in your service plan.

4 Stability
If you have to move offices, or are hit with a power outage, or suffer a natural disaster, you won’t have to worry about your data or services going down. A colocation provider will have multiple backup generators and contingencies in place to ensure that there is never an interruption in service, for you, or for your customers.

5 Predictability
Not only does using a colocation provider often save money, but it also turns unpredictable capital outlays into predictable monthly expenses.  You only pay for your own equipment, not a whole datacenter.  Your company will be able to budget for IT needs and allocate existing resources more efficiently.